Instagram Best Practices for Business in 2019 and Beyond

Why use Instagram for business?

Well, let’s check the numbers first, to be convinced.

The number of active monthly users of Instagram was more than 800 million by September 2017 and assuming this rate is conserved it is expected to hit the 1 billion threshold during 2018. Also, the number of daily active users already reached half billion.

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40+ Free Marketing Ebooks to Improve Your Know How

In an informational era, knowledge means power. Here is a comprehensive list of free marketing ebooks to help you advance fast forward and power up your marketing game. You have bellow a selection of the best digital marketing ebooks free for download in pdf format, conceived by influential leaders in marketing and prominent marketing companies.

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Best Social Media Marketing Tips to Implement Now

Social Media Marketing is not a nice to have any more, it’s an absolute must in any marketing strategy and there is no company in this world that can afford to ignore it.

We all have personal accounts on social media networks, nowadays if you don’t have such an account you do not exist, the same is valid for companies, they should have social media presence. This is not just a transitory tendency, social media has lately become a valuable marketing tool and is here to stay.

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50 Digital Marketing Influencers to Keep an Eye on in 2019

Influencers have the power to alter deep-rooted perceptions, brand loyalty and implement the seeds of new ideas and behaviours. This marketing influencer style is gaining popularity because it emphasizes human interaction.

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How to Create the Best Quiz. Tips and Quiz Maker

I guess I am not wrong saying most of us are attracted by quizzes like a magnet. I know I am, every week at least 2-3 quizzes pop up in my mail and quite rarely I resist not taking them. “How skilled are you with grammar?” or “Can you identify all these universal literature writers?” are titles that catch instantly my attention.

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How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Soar Your Traffic

Over the years, Pinterest has evolved and has became the secret weapon with magical power to increase traffic for many bloggers. Pinterest is currently the sweet spot of marketing strategies to drive organic traffic to a site or blog. It is a traffic source that continuously grows over time by leaps and bounds.  In this matter, Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes have a heavy word to say.

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The 30 Marketing KPIs to Assess Marketing Success

Producing engaging, valuable, qualitative and diverse content for your online business is an ever-challenging task. However, it is not enough if you aim to produce buzz among online users around the world. You must have in depth knowledge of what engages your audience the most and what drives it away, which are the key performance areas of marketing activities in general and content marketing in particular.

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SEO. How I Got My Website on the First Page of Google

Most bloggers or site owners dream about having their blog/site appearing in the first position of search engine results, or most often Google’s first page. When I hear affirmations like these “I have a two months blog and I want to get on the first page of Google in 24 h, if possible” most often it makes me laugh.

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How to Make Money Online and Migrate to Passive Income

Passive income, making money online or just otherwise than having a regular job? Did that cross your mind?  How many times have you dreamt of becoming your own boss and quit your 9 to 5 boring job? I know I did and I am sure you have thought about it at least once. They are not too many those who dare to start their own business or working from home.

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