Stupid Simple Tactics to Boost Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest marketing Increase traffic from Pinterest strategies

Useless to say that Pinterest is a worth to mention pipeline that can drag tons of traffic and consequently potential clients for any business. So, your marketing strategy should absolutely include it.

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If you still doubt take a rough look at some statistics here.

Promoted pins generate 7 times larger purchases than the traditional marketing and 70% sales from first time customers, not to mention its used mainly by millennials and gen-X.

Before starting or digging more in depth, I think is compulsory to design the large guidelines, see the whole forest, before approaching the trees. Here are the strategic tactics that you need to implement, if you want to take profit of the goldmine phenomenon that is nowadays Pinterest for businesses.


1.      Start with the Right Base: Your Pinterest Profile and Account


 Create the right profile targeting your buyer persona

Your profile should be conceived and tailored to your buyer persona, comprising your biography that informs about who is your target client, solutions that you offer to solve their problems and a call-to-action. A professional photo should be attached and also keywords included in the profile name.

The purpose of having the right profile is to attract and keep the attention of your buyer personas and avoid any type of confusion that might arrive while visualizing your profile.


Use a Pinterest for Business Account

A Business Account will give you access to all the current and future features that Pinterest will develop exclusively for businesses. Some of them are local SEO, educational tools and resources that help you reach a broader audience on Pinterest. The Business Account is a free account.

Some supplementary insights may be depicted consulting the Business Best Practices section of Pinterest. And check also the general best practices for Pinterest.


Get your website verified with Pinterest

This action should be completed as it provides you with access to Pinterest Analytics, useless to say it is of out-most importance for your strategy. And it also enhances credibility in front of your readers and builds trust, by certifying that you own the content that was pinned from your site.


Install “Pin It” button

To facilitate the pinning activity and help your users share your content more easily, install the Pin It button. It’s a simple way to increase impressions and clicks. Don’t skip it!


Your site should always be the source for your pins

When uploading your Pins make sure to upload them from your site. This is an extremely important detail, as your site will be registered as the source link of your Pin. And each time you send a pin you create a backlink to your site from an authority source, re-pins will keep this source also. Backlinks created this way will reinforce the authority of your own site and strengthen SEO.

Grow traffic from Pinterest - Pinterest layout


     2.  SEO – Optimize Your Profile, Your Boards and Your Pin Descriptions


Since Pinterest is more a search engine, a visual one to be precise, then it appears logic that SEO strategy and tactics should be used.

The ultimate aim of Pinterest is to serve its users the exact content they are looking for. Since Pinterest is using a ranking algorithm to rank content, you should strive to rank as high as possible. The higher, the better for your business.

On your Pinterest account, be sure to have just the boards that your buyer persona expects and wants to see and follow. My recommendation is to have a minimum of 20 boards.

Create a panel of boards in one relevant category. Valid for your pins also, use them in the appropriate category.


Tip: Place your most successful boards on top


When constructing your profile, your boards and your pins, the focal element are the keywords you choose to rank for and though them you are found on Pinterest. Your keywords should be the same words that your buyer personas use while searching.

Your boards titles and boards description need to include these keywords. The keywords should reflect the right category and inform your users about what they should expect. Also, it’s important to keep the descriptions short and straight to the point. 

Pin descriptions are a powerful tool you should use to engage your audience, so, take advantage of them and write targeted descriptions. These descriptions are the trigger for the traffic you generate for your site. It’s compulsory for pins to be optimized based on the long tail keywords that your buyer persona uses to search, as it drastically increases the chances of your pins to be found. Some social media studies reveal that 200 characters description for pins receive most re-pins. So, test this hypothesis on your audience and adjust accordingly.


Tip: Insert ca call-to-pin to skyrocket your pins engagement. It seems that in average the presence of a CTP increases engagement with 80%.


3.    Post Consistently. Engagement and Pin Shares Build Relationships, Interact with Followers and Influencers


As I am referring to Social Media, it’s obvious that when using it for our business purposes we have to be social and socialize. On Pinterest while actively generating content, also make efforts and engage with your audience, by re-pinning, commenting or liking, it will help you extend your audience.

Tip: Post daily 10-30 pins, spread throughout the day.

Engagement is a two directions ring, you want your followers to comment on your pins, you should comment on their pins also. Their followers will also notice you. Engage and follow popular boards in your niche, try to “steal” and learn from the “eminences” that act in your domain. Observe their boards, their pins, their engaging activity, if you want to reach their level.

Tip: Follow and engage influencers in your industry.

Invite your community to get involved and allow others to send pins to your boards. It’s a huge plus if you can attract industry experts to post on your boards.


4.   Use High Quality Visuals


Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, the quality of images you use should be nothing less than excellent. Just take a look:

Top quality visuals have higher impact

No doubt, images have a dramatic impact on pins. If you are not a Photoshop pro or a skilled designer, you still can have great images by using tools like Canva.

Right from the beginning upload on your blog images optimized for Pinterest. Optimized images mean images with description incorporated and keywords that will automatically appear, it will definitely ease your work.

Tip: Pin all images of a post to reach a broader audience


5.    Create Exclusive Images and Infographics


Creating images or infographics that are exclusive provide with a remarkable edge: the only manner to share them is to re-pin. Since these will be of course linked back to your site as source, it will be visible on re-pins also.


6.   Use Rich Pins


Rich Pins were thought to provide supplementary information within the context.  The current types of Rich Pins are: article, app, recipe and product.

Rich pins have an 82% increased rate of pins/re-pins, which speaks wonders of their power in Pinterest world. Don’t hesitate to use them to turbocharge your sales.

Even if Rich Pins request more effort, they improve the user experience and are more attractive. Make sure to have meta tags added to your site and Rich Pins enabled.

Not all your content is appropriate to be used as Rich Pin, use them wisely and when appropriate.

Keep them for products, photos, in depth articles, events, webinars, etc. Thus, there is one feature from Rich Pins that you should extend to all your pins, and that’s the link to your site.

Tip: Insert a link of your website in the description of every pin.

Tip: Conceive a board only for your Rich Pins


Rich pin example

7.     Schedule Your Pins


When you create a new piece of content for your site, pin it onto Pinterest and then re-pin it on all your boards that are relevant to the topic.

On your Pinterest account, you should hold a board uniquely for your posts, so, your audience could quickly get a general idea of the type of content you publish.

One of the most common causes that impedes an increase on your Pinterest traffic is that you don’t pin enough your content, you are not consistent. Pin daily, this is the best strategy to expand your exposure, which could finally lead to more followers, more traffic, more subscribers and more clients!!!

Tip: Pin daily!

But pinning daily is a time-consuming activity. Software applications enter to the scene to reduce effort, you can appeal to schedulers as Tailwind.

 Tip: Schedule a mix of content 20% of your own and 80% of others.


9.    Connect with Other Social Media Platforms


Interconnect your accounts on different social media networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc. In such way, you can connect followers that you have on one platform with your account in another platform and share quality content across them.


10.   Join Group Boards If You Are a Beginner


Expanding your network with niche boards and group boards could provide valuable help to increase your followers number in a short interval. Joining industry group boards is a shortcut with multiple benefits (increased targeted audience, quality boards for referrals, etc.), but firstly you must be invited to that group.

How many of these strategies are your using? Or have you any other tips that you can share with us?