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Mobile Advertising - Why Is It So Successful?

In the first half of 2018, a report by Interactive Advertising Bureau and PWC showed that marketers spent $30.9 billion on mobile advertising alone, marking 63% of their total digital ad-spend. This change has been spurred by the rapid growth of mobile device usage. This growth can further be attributed to the fact that consumers are quickly embracing the newest technology that will ease their life a little more.

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Native Ads an Efficient Way to Boost Visibility and Gain New Clients

If there is an industry that has radically been affected by the growing spheres of influence of Google and Facebook, it’s the advertising industry.  They control a duopoly of about 61% of US digital ad spend. The digital age has dramatically reshaped the advertising model from the traditional 30 second television spot to having to maintain a myriad of platforms and devices.

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How to Perfectly Set a Google AdWords Display Campaign

All businesses need constantly new leads and new clients. In our digital century, this is done through free generated traffic and paid traffic. When referring to paid traffic Google AdWords Search Network and Google AdWords Display Advertising are among the main actors. This article is a Google AdWords tutorial that will discuss Google Display Network in detail.

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Dilemma: What’s best Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Optimization?

If you ask an expert this question most probably you will get an answer like “Depends”. Hmm very probative! Great answer indeed!


Depends on what? On your company’s strategy and goals. Are you looking to build a constant audience? Do you need to increase short time sales? Are you launching a new service/product? Which are the barriers to entry on your service/product market? Are you an established, recognized brand in your industry? There are many questions that need an answer before approaching the SEO/ PPS decision.

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