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YouTube SEO Tips - How to Improve Your Video Ranking

YouTube presents such an enormous opportunity for businesses to dive into video marketing. And why won’t it? Statistics show that 54% of users prefer to see more video content and 87% of marketers use video as a marketing tool because it’s effective as far as ROI is concerned. It’s for such reasons that video marketing is on the rise and YouTube SEO ranking a very important thing if you want to create any impact.

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On Page SEO: How to Best Use It to Boost Rankings

Ranking the highest possible in search engines results is a fierce battle. An interminable ever-changing list of on page SEO and off page SEO factors impact these results.

The main purpose of on page SEO techniques is to naturally optimize a piece of content for search engines, in such manner that it is easily found and listed in front of targeted visitors.

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SEO Backlinks Tactics. Which Is the Best for You?

If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur and have your own site, it’s a matter of time till you hear that in order to rank in search engines you need SEO backlinks, if possible high quality backlinks.

All good, but how do you get backlinks? And what are backlinks in SEO, more precisely?

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SEO. How I Got My Website on the First Page of Google

Most bloggers or site owners dream about having their blog/site appearing in the first position of search engine results, or most often Google’s first page. When I hear affirmations like these “I have a two months blog and I want to get on the first page of Google in 24 h, if possible” most often it makes me laugh.

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Best Off Page SEO Techniques for 2018 You Need to Profit on

That SEO is paramount for ranking in search engines and driving more traffic to your site, is not a secret for a long time now. The two-main areas of SEO are: on-page SEO and off page SEO.

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Dilemma: What’s best Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Optimization?

If you ask an expert this question most probably you will get an answer like “Depends”. Hmm very probative! Great answer indeed!


Depends on what? On your company’s strategy and goals. Are you looking to build a constant audience? Do you need to increase short time sales? Are you launching a new service/product? Which are the barriers to entry on your service/product market? Are you an established, recognized brand in your industry? There are many questions that need an answer before approaching the SEO/ PPS decision.

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