How to Create the Best Quiz. Tips and Quiz Maker

How to Create the Best Quiz. Tips and Quiz Maker

I guess I am not wrong saying most of us are attracted by quizzes like a magnet. I know I am, every week at least 2-3 quizzes pop up in my mail and quite rarely I resist not taking them. “How skilled are you with grammar?” or “Can you identify all these universal literature writers?” are titles that catch instantly my attention.

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To be honest I never thought about making a quiz of my own. Until recently, when a client of mine asked me how to make an interactive quiz. She said: “well, I would like to conceive a quiz, but how do I do it effectively?” and since I lead marketing operations for her business it was my job to come up with the best answer. We need a quiz maker app, I answered.

Correct. But which?

And I approached the issue as I always do, I did a detailed research to find out which is the best online quiz maker. After checking 4-5 quiz maker software apps and playing around the answer is Interact. I will explain immediately why.


I am not exactly a tech nerd, but I manage to find my way even if I have to deal with a Dutch interface (I do speak three foreign languages, but Dutch is not one of them 😊) or something that looks equally tricky. Anyway, I always appreciate intuitive and friendly user apps that do not eat uselessly my time while solving small details.


And Interact is exactly that - an intuitive, easy to use interface that allows you to make a quiz in minutes if you wish by using an existing template for example. Of course, you can be as elaborate as you want and spend days crafting your quiz, but the idea is you can choose what best fits your needs.

Source: Interact

Source: Interact


Since I was testing several options I choose the simplest path and with Interact my test had the nicest result and my quiz went live in about 25 minutes. And you can see my quiz live on my site, check bellow. (The initial version was after that polished and adjusted, making a quiz is a process and you do not create a quiz just to be created, but to bring the results you need.)


Following my research, I decided to run a test: use a tested template for conversion of Interact and make a quiz laser speed; create another one from scratch more targeted to my audience, run both for two months and compare the results. I will let you know in a future article which will be the result in terms of subscribers, leads and clients.


Now back to basics and numbers!


Ok, quizzes are fun, interactive, entice easily our curiosity, but we are talking business here. Which is their impact on your business and will worth the effort creating quizzes?

A BuzzSumo research reveals that in average a quiz is shared 1900 times and some of their quizzes have reached no less  than 4 million shares. Also, 84% of quizzes shared on social media are on Facebook. Email subscribers arouse from quizzes will have follow up email open rates with up to 150% higher than other subscribers. Thus, quizzes are a reliable tool to build a qualified mail list.


Marketers came and reinforced this theory sustaining that interactive content is highly efficient in converting visitors into leads. The truth is quizzes can be a great way to gain new subscribers, they are entertaining, fun and if your quiz is interesting enough your visitors will share it.


A sample of quiz that caught my attention initially and subsequently simply wow me with their results is "What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You? " . Creativity at its paroxysm! It worked perfectly in my case, I was simply not able to resist and shared it!

Source:  Jeff Bullas

Source: Jeff Bullas


Why are quizzes so successful? They appeal to some of our primordial desires: pride in front of others of how good we are and the curiosity to find out more about our skills and capacities.


In short quizzes:


  • Are fun, interactive and have high shareability rates

  • Are versatile, they can be adapted to virtually any brand, from ridiculous topics like “What type of cake are you?” to “Which is your statistics strength?

  • Extend your email list with qualified leads. With Interact the results of the quiz are delivered via mail, so this is a good way to build a properly segmented mailing list based on correct information.


Consequently, using quizzes in your funnel strategy can generate great results and enhance your business growth.


Conceiving a quiz is a process, no matter how you approach it and is not function of a certain builder, the quiz maker software will just make your life easier, depending on what you choose. 

The main purpose of a quiz is to rise the engagement of your target audience and attract more primary buyer persona on your email list.


So, How to Make an Interactive Quiz?


Decide on the scope of your quiz

Do you want to provide information and details on your area of expertise? Do you want to screen prospect clients?  - identify which is the goal that your quiz needs to achieve and note it down.


Determine which are the final options of your quiz

Outline which are the results that the quiz takers should obtain. This step is important as it helps you reverse engineer and establish the questions that you will insert in the quiz.

For example, my ad-hoc quiz using an Interact template named “As Solopreneur, Do You Actually Master Digital Marketing?” has as purpose to assess the marketing knowledge of my site’s visitors, and encourage them to subscribe to my email list. Solopreneurs needing improvements of their know how, might need my strategy consultancy services and those already in an advance phase might need at a certain moment some of my templates, future products or courses.


Decide on the type of quiz you want to use

Interact and other builders provide several options in terms of quizzes:

·       Personality quizzesthis type of quizzes assigns the quiz takers into categories. If you are interested to have in your email list a certain type of customers, like creatives or lifestyle addicts, this is the best type of quiz to choose.

·       Assessment quizzesthis type is knowledge based. My example quiz with digital marketing for solopreneurs is such an example. The output of the quiz is identifying the knowledge level of quiz takers guru, master, intermediate and basic. Knowing that will provide me with information on what type of marketing services or products they might be interested in.

·       Scored quizzesthis is also a knowledge-based quiz, but it displays the entire results, shows how many answers were responded correctly. Something like “What’s your emotional IQ” is a scored quiz.


Create the quiz questions

This is the funniest part, being the wizard behind the scenes that writes the questions.

By now you know the purpose, you know the final options, so you have to create the content in between, meaning the questions. It’s important to find the right balance: to have not too many and not too few questions, in general a quiz having 6-9 questions is considered best option. Also, the quiz must take maximum 2 minutes to complete, after all we are busy persons.


Test your quiz after you finish it and be careful when choosing the quiz maker tool, it’s highly frustrating to have the quiz crushing your browser or something similar when you are anxious to see your results. Even the minor technical issue might ruin your efforts with your quiz. That’s why I recommend using a reliable and tested tool like Interact, to avoid such unpleasant situations.


Effectively creating the quiz with a quiz maker software

Here are the exact steps I followed to create the “As Solopreneur, Do You Actually Master Digital Marketing?”  quiz with Interact

You can get started too, with a 14 days free trial.

I simply love Interact because assembling a quiz is a breeze. Let’s hope the success of this quiz as lead magnet will be spectacular too, just for the set to be complete.


  • Choose Create Quiz.


  • You have 2 options either create a quiz from scratch either choose an existing template that corresponds to your niche, templates that are conceived by experts and designed with conversion in mind. If you choose the option to create the quiz from scratch the path is a bit longer.

  • Choose what type of quiz you want to create. For example, Assessment type

  • Insert your company’s basic branding elements

  • Design the Cover Page for your quiz.

In this section you add the title of your quiz, a cover image – one that you upload or that you identify within Interact base, a subheadline describing your quiz, a call to action. In this section you can modify colors, choose fonts and insert your logo (on premium accounts).


Here is mine.


The thing I like most about Interact interface is that it is very flexible, you can start with the stage that you want, save, go back, jump to another section, as your ideas pop-up. You can even create the quiz directly in Interact interface without preliminary preparation, but you will spend more time in the app.  


  • Craft the results of your quiz. As you already have them written just inserting them into Interact interface is a kid play. This section works in the same simple manner as the cover page.

  • Insert the questions. You have the option to add text answers or image answers and of course each question deserves its own catchy cover image.


  • Assembling phase – correlate results with answers. This is really a no-brainer connect the dots of the question with the one of the corresponding result.

  • Almost ready! Now it’s time to set up the opt-ins and sharing on social media. Set “Enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz” on.

  • Determine the details you want to collect, I think email is enough, the fewer the better. Also, I consider appropriate to offer the possibility to skip this step. Click Update.


  • You have the possibility to offer an incentive to those finishing your quiz to encourage them to subscribe. For example, to my test quiz I offer for the “Master” and “Guru” results a free content marketing strategy template, for the results “Beginner” and “Intermediate” I offer my comprehensive marketing toolkit for solopreneurs with 200 resources. You also have the possibility to offer coupons for your paid products. I will do that for my second quiz, the more elaborate one.

  • Integrate with your email service provider. MailerLite in my case. Just follow the guidance and it will be made in seconds.
  • Set up a new form in your email service provider to collect your subscribers from the quiz.


  • Again, you have two options at your disposal, either you can direct all subscribers to a single funnel or you can personalize and make a different funnel for different results. I have two, function of the results and freebie.

  • Ensure the email address (just this in my case) and name are pointing to the right list in your email service provider interface.

  • Test Integration to be sure there are no ugly surprises.

  • Get the link from “Share and Embed”, then hit publish. A clear gem of Interact is the easiness to deploy your quiz publication in a series of mediums and platforms.


And that’s it your quiz is live and ready to face the world!


Interact has several advantages that cannot be ignored like:

·       Possibility to create polls and giveaways

·       Mobile responsive

·       Multiple options to promote your quiz on your site like: pop-up, announcement bar, direct link, direct share, embedded inside blogs

·       Analytics

·       Using Facebook pixel to retarget  

·       Add new subscribers to a sequence

·       Possibility to set delays “don’t show again for x period of time”

And also, some cons to consider: impossibility to split test, impossibility to tag subscribers and recurring fees.


It’s a good idea before starting to create your first quiz and choosing a multiple choice quiz maker to study a bit these best practices based on a wide experience gathered while creating over 40,000 quizzes and generating more than 5 million leads.


Find bellow some best practices and tips to help you obtain better results for your multiple-choice quizzes:

*   The call to action button “take quiz” performs better if it’s orange or blue

*   Aim for minimalism, keep the completion time under 2 minutes and number of questions between 6 and 9

*   The best options are questions with either 3 or 6 answer variants.

*   Offer the option to skip sign up to get the results, because there is no use to have unqualified leads on your list and because of GDPR

*   Insert a call to action in the results of the quiz to entice quiz takers to subscribe

*   Turn your best performing content into a quiz

*   Quizzes get most shares on Facebook, so profit on

*    Mondays and Wednesdays are the days of the week when quizzes are most shared

*   The better the score obtained rise the chances to share the results

*   Questions should be easy enough to have high scores otherwise shareability will descend

*   76% of shares are realized by people scoring in the top 20%. 45% of shares come from people obtaining the highest score. 12% of shares are from scores of under 69%.

Quiz share rate.  Source :    BuzzSumo

Quiz share rate. Source : BuzzSumo


*   Make sure that each result is something quiz takers are proud to share.

*   Create quizzes on trending topics

*   Inject your own personality in your quiz

*   Create the quiz as a conversation among friends, so that the taker will feel comfortable

*   Use images and text combined for the questions

*   Use images that worth sharing

*   Pay huge attention to your title, it is the cornerstone piece of content on which depends the click through. 80% of users decide to click based on the title

*   Offer incentives to strengthen leads capturing process

*   In the form ask just for the data you need, just email if possible

*   Inform your audience that they are subscribing to your newsletter

*   Share your quiz on Facebook and Twitter, in Facebook groups, on Pinterest and as lead magnet on Instagram

*   Share image together with caption and a shortened link for tracking the results

*   Eventually use Facebook ads to increase reach


After reading this quite long post you should be by now ready to adventure in creating your own quiz. Sign up for an account with Interact and get started!


How to Create the Best Quiz. Tips and Quiz Maker Apps