The Most Prominent Email Marketing Trends for 2017

Email Marketing Trends

Even if many preached the imminent death for the email, the reality pronounce itself with veto and proves with numbers that email is still efficient and plans to remain around for quite a while. And thus, email marketing is a must. More over McKinsey & Company  emphasizes that in terms of generating leads and customers email is tens of times more effective and valuable than social media.

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So, the email maintains among the most cost-effective and prominent channels to engage and communicate with your audience and customers. But be aware that the competition is wild and marketers will have to work hard and do their best, deploy the best strategies and creativity reserves, in order to get the attention of their recipients and their mails read.


Trends in marketing. Source:

Trends in marketing. Source:


2017 promises to be a year that will wear the label of significant in the history of email by bringing new advances, new experiences and progress in various directions. Here are the 6 most promising trends in email marketing that will evolve through the year 2017:





Visual content – the new raising star of the email marketing


The tendency of visual is extending to emails also. Including great images, animations or videos are tactics to grab attention and rise interest for opening the emails you send. Even if not everyone will be interested in the video content and its use will imply some technical challenges and some rise in expenses, this is a path to be explored this year. Because of their simplicity of use, impact and straight understanding, the visual elements will gain their place into the preferences of email users and marketers alike.


The design of emails will evolve further

Design increase in importance. Source:

Design increase in importance. Source:


As exigencies are increasing continuously, new standards and innovations are needed to improve results and reduce complexity. Email design systems that provide higher flexibility, modular templates, collections of visual elements to facilitate the design activity and switch focus on highest quality possible for content and not for the “package”.


In general, most companies are interested in having an outstanding communication with their audience without too many headaches and plunging into complicate design details. So, email service providers are the entities which are expected to propose better and smarter solutions and technological capabilities.


More interaction in emails


The supreme goal being to improve the customers’ experience and make it memorable if possible, marketers need to be more and more creative and constantly bring new elements to entertain subscribers’ interest. Interactive items represent a solution.


More likely we are going to see this year an increased presence of animations, videos, graphics, CTAs, navigation menus, image galleries, special offers, search bars, quizzes, hot spots, etc. This approach will be for sure challenging and sometimes difficult to execute, but has great chances to become a must in order to preserve competitivity.


 Increased segmentation and personalization


Segmentation and personalization. Source:

Segmentation and personalization. Source:

Nowadays marketers dispose of more data than ever before, including behavioural data, which supply them with valuable inputs to further segment and personalize their mails crafted around subscribers’ main interests, needs and buying behaviour. Just including the persons’ name it’s simply not enough any more, customers want to read content that respond to their interests not what marketers want to tell them.


And the ratio is simple, if the client does not get the information he needs and wants to read, he will simply discard the email, unsubscribe or even mark your message as spam. Tracking visitor’s behaviour while on your site, knowing his preferences is an extremely valuable information, as it allows segmentation and personalization: meaning sending relevant content at the appropriate moment.


 Extended integration and omnichannel experience


Integrated marketing strategy that combines successfully different channels like social media and email will see for sure profit from their synergetic effect. Being able to jump with one click from an email to Pinterest, or Instagram, or Facebook, ease greatly communication and word spread.


2017 will move further with the multichannel experience and will extend integration to other applications like chatbots or native apps. Customers become more and more sophisticated and so are their expectations, like for example being recognized across different channels. And the interaction with each of them, on each channel with imply further integration and intelligence.


Data analytics and automation will join forces even more in 2017


Disposing of more complex sets of data that help marketers cater better to their clients’ needs and expectations, email marketing is becoming smarter. The ever-changing preferences constantly update the data intelligence, so the marketing based on data science evolves to a continuously improving process.

Analytics will strenghten. Source:

Analytics will strenghten. Source:

Regularly optimize, update, polish and improve the automated emails based on newer data will become rule, in order to increase engagement and interest.

Big Data is the basement of the advanced segmentation and optimized timing for sending the emails and provides full control for what is to be received, by whom and when. And this is a fact that no brand will afford to ignore from now on.



The famous “right content to the right person at the right time” is more actual than ever. Clients pretensions will qualitatively incr

ease demanding higher quality and value for the emails they receive.


By the end of 2017 we will be able to clearly observe the incidence of these tendencies and which one was stronger.