Why Inbound Marketing Is Crucial for 2017 and Beyond

Inbound Marketing importance

The inbound approach of marketing is not just “a trend”, is the quintessence on which marketing strategies will be based from now on. Today’s consumer is beset and overwhelmed with information and offers, and his tolerance to intrusive marketing and attitude is second to none. That’s why Inbound is the actual path to success in marketing.


Inbound marketing practically means attracting your clients towards your brand, the client should come to you. So, you stop chasing the client, it’s “the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.” Basically, it consists of using content marketing, white hat tactics of search engine optimization and social media marketing to gain brand awareness and be found. Through the byline of useful and quality content, prospects are connecting with your company and after that, they may convert into paying clients.


Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot is credited to having invented the term of Inbound Marketing, here is his definition “Don't rent attention from customers; earn it with remarkable content.”

From art to science, marketing is today on a mission to generate a valuable education experience for your potential prospects. Your business is the expert called to advise, educate and counsel before selling.


Outbound tactics, with paid ads in classic channels are more and more expensive and inefficient.


Have you ever been annoyed by a site covered all over with ads, that you simply closed? Or pop-up ads that are a huge disturb while trying to read a piece of content? Or a phone call offering you services that you are not interested in? We all passed through this, and we are sick and tired…


Technology evolution impacts on marketing

The reality is that the evolution of technology in recent years brought with it a revolution in the way we as consumers, as buyers, as clients act. We are more informed, we have tons of information available to make our buying decisions. And before making any purchase now we first check with an online search engine the information, after that look for suppliers and sellers and eventually consult with our social networks. Look no further than yourself and you’ll observe the change. The easy access to information is a game changer and the paradigm was reversed.


Now the consumer literally is king and his actions should dictate the business marketing actions. And that’s why the inbound marketing is crucial, the rules of the game have changed and the marketing should change accordingly, becoming customer centric. The Inbound Methodology when consistently and holistically applied brings a viable solution.


Inbound Marketing has several advantages:


More qualified leads


Inbound Methodology strives to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right moment.  Creating a content strategy that is crafted on your buyer personas and the buyer’s journey is key. Providing valuable content for each user, in his own phase, will decrease expenses on qualified lead and shortened sales process for the sale team. By attracting persons that are already interested in your products and brand, it’s more likely to convert them into clients. A sales funnel allows you to nurture your leads and focus only on those that are ready to buy.




Marketing campaigns measurability

Until recent measuring the results of a campaign was more of an art. Now with the Inbound Methodology and tools available, we can measure accurately shares of a piece of content, rates of conversion of a landing page, click though rate of an email campaign, time spent on a video/blog/article, etc.

Now we have data in real time of what is performing and what not.


Relay on multiple channels


Profit on the synergy of different tactics is not a new concept and Inbound Marketing incorporates it in its methodology by using a tailored mix on every case. Using several sources to obtain traffic – social media, search engines, tiers sites -  reduces risks that accompany the reliance on one channel.


Option to automatize certain processes


Automatize some marketing processes

Since marketing has exponentially increased in complexity the past couple of years, tools to simplify the work also appeared. You can now automatize email sequence, landing page development, social media sharing. Or even use an inbound automation platform to manage the whole process.


Continuously testing, refining and adapting your tactics to you audience is key to future success. And Inbound is here to help.


To put in place an inbound marketing machine requires time and effort and an army of specialists like content writers, developers, designers, social media marketers, campaign managers, etc. It is not easy job and cannot be done overnight, but with consistency and steady effort, expected results will be met driving traffic and more business to your company.