Best Digital Marketing Courses for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

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As bloggers, entrepreneurs or marketers we are continuously looking to expand our businesses and keep up with the trends and new insights. In our light speed era, technology is continuously changing the way we execute tasks and manage operations, so there are almost always some tech holes that need to be filled and some new tips to learn. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources, digital marketing trainings and courses available to help you grow your business.

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using one of these links, I’ll make a small commission without impacting the price that you will pay. I recommend just services or products I find useful and that I have tested or currently use.

A selection of the best digital marketing courses created by experienced bloggers or marketers, packed with actionable insights is listed below.


I tried a bunch of these online courses, some of them are still on my list and I found each of them useful in some way at the time I covered them. I hope you will also.


Here’s the deal:


This is a comprehensive list of marketing courses, you don’t have to sign up for all of them, but take the time to evaluate your goals, your needs and how each of them might be of help for you at a certain moment.

No freebie craze and info hoarding for no profitable gain.


Best Digital Marketing Courses for Bloggers. Paid Courses


We all love free courses, but the truth is if you want the latest tricks and tips that work, you have to pay for them. Investing in your education is a desideratum that you have to put in practice if you want to evolve and grow your business.


Best Courses That Teach You How to Blog  


1.     Blog Start Up 101

Crystal Paine gets your blog started in the right way. This course is packed with knowledge on how to successfully launch a blog. You get to learn all the tech involved in the setup, WordPress installation and navigation, social media platforms, newsletter setup and many more lessons to boost your blog for just $37.

Blog Start-Up 101


2.     Building a Framework

Building a Framework course is one-stop-shop for all beginner bloggers. Abby Lawson gets to walk you through starting, developing, maintaining and monetizing your blog. You’ll learn how to create awesome content, how to conquer the social media world, how to build relationships with the blogging community and much more. Offered at $97, this course is the ultimate handbook for all entrepreneurs.


3.     Elite Blog Academy

Elite Blog Academy is a notorious course, with spectacular proven results, that will teach you all about growing your blog, refining it, monetizing and building your traffic and mailing list. Due to the high demand and desire to deliver the best quality for her course, Ruth Soukup opens registration for EBA course just 5 days per year. Currently you can join the waiting list till the slots open up.


Best Social Media Marketing Courses


4.     Strategies Worth Sharing

This is a social media growth course that all bloggers need to review. It offers in-depth understanding of Facebook and how to grow your following on this platform. Strategies Worth Sharing is designed to be easily understood and covered. It uniquely explains the content you should use to engage and build fan groups, Facebook insights, niche influencers and scheduling posts. Very affordable as the ebook costs $20 and the master package costs $50.


5.     Twitter Strategy for Bloggers

This course is offered by Saira Perl from Mom Resource. She teaches you how to build and grow a following that is engaged as well as how to make money from Twitter. You get to exceed your target number by automating the whole process. You learn how to upload tweets in bulk and schedule them as required. Moreover, you get to join a private Facebook group that will support you and respond to all your questions.


6.     Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a course created  by Createandgo and teaches you how to get massive traffic on autopilot mode from Pinterest. You’ll learn how to help your content go viral and driving traffic. It is an 8-module course with numerous training videos on pin scheduling, customized pins, group boards, analytics tracking and email gathering, among others. With many additional bonus content and eBooks at a fair price of $197.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche


7.     Pinterest Ninja Course

This course makes you aware of the amount of precious time you have been spending promoting your site online with no results. It is a step by step course that presents details from ‘How to set up a Pinterest account’ to Branding your Business. It goes through Pinterest Analytics, Pinning Strategies, SEO, to complete understanding of Pinterest Marketing. You learn about branding, other social media channels tips and strategies, and how to monetize your blog. This Pinterest Ninja course is available for only $69.


8.     Pageviews from Pinterest

This course has 8 detailed modules, self-paced, together with eBooks, checklists and video tutorials to facilitate your understanding. You get to learn not only to maximize Pinterest benefits but also to grow your email list, create sales funnels, make affiliate sales on Pinterest. Pageviews from Pinterest makes your traffic skyrocket to a whole new level.


9.     Pin to Profits

Pin to Profits is all about tapping into Pinterest and using it to promote your affiliate products. MomMakesCents has made the course easy to understand with the best strategies to brand pins, maximize exposure, promote pins and ways to pick the best affiliate networks. She has a wide-ranging list of affiliate networks for diverse niches. So, it’s your turn to start making money today. The course costs $47.


10.    Linked University

Linked University is a course based on LinkedIn, who teaches you how to generate leads through this global network of professionals. The aim of the course is to empower you to establish yourself as expert in your industry, generate high quality leads for your business and finally to increase your revenues. Learn how to develop a strong referral network, how to put in place a marketing plan for LinkedIn, how to outrank your competitors, how to leverage LinkedIn groups and much more. Price of the course is $897.


Linked University Linkedin marketing course


11.     Instagram Domination

Foundr is a digital media company that creates a magazine dedicated to young entrepreneurs. They have a huge following of 1,3 million followers on Instagram and thus they are Instagram influencer. In Instagram Domination course they teach you how to follow their path and find success on Instagram. A step by step course that offers you proved tools to get more traffic, leads, sales and ultimately expand your business.


Best Affiliate Marketing Course


12.     Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is an affiliate marketing guru who shares her knowledge and expertise in this $197 course. Michelle makes over 50,000$ a month from affiliate marketing and if you want to reach this level of affiliate revenues you have to learn from somebody who has already achieved this performance.  The course outline includes strategies to choose and apply for affiliate programs, how to promote products on various social platforms, Pinterest marketing, rules, tips and strategies to promote your affiliates etc.


Best Digital Marketing Courses to Grow Traffic


13.     Ready Set Blog for Traffic

Ready Set Blog for Traffic teaches you how to attract the right traffic for your site, right readers that share, engage, convert to subscribers and finally buy from you. Elna Cain, the creator of this course will reveal for you her recipe to attracting tons of qualified traffic and skyrocket the income from blogging. And will indicate the exact strategies and shortcuts to help you attract your targeted audience. For $45 you get access to a 3 modules course, including 15 video lessons and 5 text lessons, templates, guest post guide and more.


14.     Traffic Transformation

This course by Lena Gott can only be compared to a gold mine. With over 21 chapters on different actual ways to drive traffic to your blog, you are more than guaranteed to reach new traffic heights. Lena shows how she reached 400k monthly views in ten months. This awesome deal comes at $79. As a teaser, she has a free trial for you to boast your traffic continuously.

Traffic Transformation Digital marketing Course


Best Marketing Courses to Grow Your Mailing List


15.     Get 10,000 Subscribers

This course by Bryan Harris, has 3 step-by-step modules that help you get more than 10K subscribers. It shows you how to reach out to Twitter, LinkedIn, friends, family, Facebook or any other social media platform to gain subscribers. Additionally, you are equipped with a blog monetization framework, repeatable and scalable formulas to reach your goals. There is a starter course available at only $97, a standard course at $197 and a complete level course at $350.


16.     List Surge

Melyssa Griffin’s course is the magic pill you need to exponentially grow your email lists. She gives you a combination of the most powerful yet effective list building strategies to turn you into a list building ninja. Melyssa shares the methods she used to raise a seven figures business. Start building your list ASAP with List Surge at only $297 dollars or a monthly payment of $87.


17.     Blog by Number

Suzi Whitford shares step-by-step details on how to explode your email list and increase your monthly income. It is a practical course with techniques gathered from her own experience on how she earned money, mistakes she made, how she grew traffic and managed her time. You can either purchase the eBook or email package each at $47 or both as a bundle at $80.

1. Blog by Number


Miscellaneous Free Marketing Courses for Bloggers


18.     How to Start a Money-Making Blog 2018

You get a detailed outline on how to start a successful blog. From niche selection, platform to use, domain name, website hosting, WordPress navigation and tools to use. It is a free tutorial with a free 7-day email course by Carly, Mommy on Purpose.


19.     Snackable Free Writing Course

Enchanting Marketing blog by Henneke is exactly as the name suggests, enchanting. She comes up with a free, yet mandatory course to all bloggers, that will teach you how to enchant and delight your readers. The course is split into 16 short emails packed with easy to follow and implement tips.


20.     Smart Profitable Blog from Day 1

Any newbie blogger should enroll to this free course as it teaches blogging 101. It’s all about creating, growing, monetizing and above all, you are offered a free blog promotion lesson. Arfa Nazeer does not disappoint when it comes to additional freebies, she adds a 29 pages ebook plus other freebies, so enroll now, you have nothing to lose. 


21.     Writing for the Web

It is all about grabbing the attention of your target audience, through structure, writing style and design. Frankie Madden has offered this one-month course for free on open study.


22.       Pinterest Primer

The author of Momsmakecents has a free Pinterest course that will help you drive traffic to your site, based on her experience as Pinterest manager and her spectacular results. It is a 5-day free email course that will help transform your blog. You get to know how to create a viral Pin that will attract your targeted followers and generate massive traffic.

Pinterest primer digital marketing course

23.     Pinterest Power

This course by Summer Tannhauser  is way above average and should not be a free course but who are we to refuse a tremendous offer. Online entrepreneurs and small businesses have learnt the power of Pinterest. It is the best way to increase your visibility giving you the highest return on the invested time as compared to other social media platforms.


24.     Legalize Your Blog

Jackie from Jade & Oak is a US attorney who offers bloggers insights on the legal side of blogging. This course should be compulsory for all bloggers and entrepreneurs and Jackie offers it free of charge. You get knowledge on reader’s privacy protection, taxation and tax exemptions, protecting your information from internet theft and illegalities that are related to blogs.

Jade & Oak legal course for bloggers


25.     HubSpot Academy

HubSpot is a prominent leader in the marketing industry, providing top level marketing solutions for large companies. HubSpot Academy is created by HubSpot and offers for free the possibility to learn and get digital marketing certifications widely recognized in the industry. You can get certification on Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Growth Hacking Design, SEO and more. Courses are elaborated in collaboration with experts and thought leaders of the marketing industry. This is your chance to learn from the best.

HubSpot Academy - Best digital marketing courses


26.     Marketing School

Neil Patel and Eric Osiu are both online marketing Ninjas and among the most powerful marketing influencers in the world nowadays. And they have created a free marketing school for you. On the platform, there are podcasts and lessons providing solutions to any marketing issue and entrepreneur problem you might have. 


27.     Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy has established an online academy that has numerous free Google analytics online courses. Any blogger uses Google platforms in one way or another, and there is no better teacher regarding Google’s products than Google itself. You get to learn the tools of measurement, intelligence, analysis and other tips. And you can obtain a digital marketing certification by Google.


28.     Quick Sprout University

It is one of the best online marketing universities. They have a library of online marketing eBooks, tutorials, worksheets and checklists for you to explore. Being one of the best online marketers in the world, Neil Patel has created free yet top-notch courses to help you become an entrepreneur blogger. From SEO, to Social Media, to content marketing and link building Neil Patel has it all just for you.

Quick Sprout University


29.    Master Time Management

As bloggers, time management might be ignored yet it is one of the most crucial factors to your success. Emily has a 5-day course composed of 10 minute long lessons, so there is no excuse of being too busy to learn how to be productive.


Email Marketing Free Courses


30.     Kirsten Oliphant Free Email Course

This is a week long course that makes you an email listing specialist in just one week. You get to learn how to choose the best email service provider for you, avoid mail listing mistakes, grow subscribers and optimize opt-in forms to your benefit.


31.     Email Lists for Newbies

Email Lists for Newbies is a free course that shows you exactly what to send to your subscribers. This course by Meera Kothand has basic details inserted in templates to use, email listing mistakes, list promoting, making passive income from your mail list. All this at zero cost.


32.     The 30-Day List Building Challenge

Nathalie Lussier is a list building master and is offering actionable free List building tips in this 30-day challenge course. She walks you through google analytics, content creation, traffic generation, pitching for guest posts and shows you how to achieve your goals.

The 30-Day List Building Challenge


33.     10-Day PR Challenge

Janet Murray is one of the PR gurus and through her expertise, you get to learn how to be featured on Fox, The Guardian, Huffington Post, among other top and reputable magazines. Why not take time to sign up for a free yet very profitable course? You just cannot quantify the benefits.


34.     The 10 Step System for Creating One Info Product per Week

When you are a blogger, you can earn money by selling Info Products on your blog. Info Products are digital products that teach your target market a skill or technique that they require. This free course by Amber Kuivenhoven teaches how to create one product every week. How wonderful is that?!


35.     Like Cookies and Puppies

It’s a free copywriting course by Amy Harrison. Any blog writer should aim to write with influence. You will learn valuable lessons on how to capture your audience’s attention from the first words, how to induce trust and create desire for your products. Your articles have to be credible, reliable and engaging enough so that your readers should be convinced to come back. Amy’s course is the perfect solution to all aspiring writers and it is a 70-minute video course.


36.     Facebook Blueprint

A free series of all you need to know about Facebook. It is offered by Facebook and they give digital marketing certification upon completion. Through this course, you learn how to grow your business by creating awareness, generating leads, monetizing content, creative inspiration and many other methods.


37.     Social Media 101

Krystal Abbott offers a four-week free course with a life time access once you sign up and is a must have. Within the four weeks, you get to gain in-depth knowledge on the major social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

1. Social Media 101


38.     Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate passive income. Andy Ganley  created for her readers a free course that will be a ride to their financial freedom. It gives you the basic foundations of affiliate marketing, growth strategies, along with tips to write posts that convert visitors into buyers.


39.     Affiliate Marketing  101

Honestly, affiliate marketing is made to sound so complicated no wonder most bloggers think it is too much. However, Affiliate Marketing 101 breaks it down for you step-by-step. It explains the terminologies involved, the affiliate networks, methods to add links to your posts, and how to make that much preached passive income.


40.     Free Beginner WordPress E-Course

WordPress is the most recommended platform for bloggers. Bree from Blogbizboss has made it possible for you to understand the essentials about this powerful blogging platform for free. It is a $197 worth course offered for free, so sign up and master the plugins, themes and 37 other lessons.


41.     Keyword Course

Keywords are the pillar element that help you achieve your Search Engine Optimization goals for your site. Proper use of keywords can make a huge difference between ranking high on Google and not appearing on SERPs. This free 2 week course will help you master that art.  You’ll find out how to prioritize keywords, how to avoid keyword pitfalls, strategies for local results, tactics to maintain the ranking in the long run and more.

Keyword Course


42.     The Social Media Framework

Social media can be confusing and quite frequently overwhelming, and as a blogger, sometimes you do not know the platform that will generate the results you want. Leslie helps you dissipate the confusion and gets you organized. The course has six parts and comprises a series of videos teaching you how to choose your social media channels, how to depict who is your audience, what to post and when.


43.     Free Podcast Course

Podcasts are now becoming more and more popular as people are getting too busy to read and they would rather prefer listening. John Lee Dumas takes you through a detailed step-by-step process of creating, growing and monetizing your podcasts.


44.     Instagram Taster

This free course only takes 5 days to make you a champ in making perfect Instagram photos. Beautiful, eye catching photography is what gets peoples’ attention on Instagram. The earlier you learn to do that, the faster you get to attract your target. And Emily Quinton has your back covered.


45.     Instagram Authority

Alex Tooby's free Instagram course not only offers you tips on how to gain followers, but also how to convert these followers into buyers. This is finally the desire of each entrepreneur. Start her free course and see immediate changes in your site traffic, subscribers and purchases.

Instagram Authority


46.     Instagram Hashtag Guide

This is a free digital marketing course that helps you master the hashtag issue on Instagram. Hashtags are what make your Instagram content discoverable by increasing your visibility. This free course improves your creativity, brands your content and engage your community. You will discover how to find and group great hashtags, how to attract more clients and not competitors, how to get your posts trending on Instagram and many more.


47.     Social Brilliant

Udemy courses are always top-notch and when you see a free Social Media course, you should pay attention. A brilliant social media strategy eliminates time wastage and grows your traffic. Laura Roeder grants you with a free course, where she teaches the social media strategies that helped her built a 7 figures business and an 85,000 plus subscribers list.


48.     How to Buy and Sell Blogs

You might have been thinking of starting a blog but to fast-track the startup process, you may want to purchase a blog. This free course gives you a structured walk through the blog acquisition strategies. It also takes you through the blog selling strategies.


49.     The Strong Brand Mini Course

A blogger has to establish a strong online presence for their brand. To stand out from the crowd, you need a consistent and credible brand. Allison's of Wonderlass free course is compulsory to make your site awesome. Give it a try.


50.     Epic Website Challenge

Most bloggers, small business owners and entrepreneurs are not tech savvy. This free course  is a simple 5 step guide on how to set up a website. You can manage to save a lot of money spent on hiring people to create a website for you and create the site of your dreams yourself.

Epic Website Challenge


Phew, this was a long list. And of course, there are many other courses that are great, but I just didn’t come across them. These are resources that added a bit of knowledge in my digital marketing journey, each in its own way and segment. I hope you found this list useful and inspiring.