Dilemma: What’s best Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Optimization?

Pay per Click or Search Engine Optimization

If you ask an expert this question most probably you will get an answer like “Depends”. Hmm very probative! Great answer indeed!


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Depends on what? On your company’s strategy and goals. Are you looking to build a constant audience? Do you need to increase short time sales? Are you launching a new service/product? Which are the barriers to entry on your service/product market? Are you an established, recognized brand in your industry? There are many questions that need an answer before approaching the SEO/ PPS decision.


Let’s take a closer look to each of these tactics to have a better understanding of the subject or review this article




Practically Search Engine Optimization refers to optimizing your content and your site for certain keywords to rank higher in search engines results. But the most important search engines take into consideration hundreds of factors to assess your position on organic searches, from user experience, to quality of content, to the authority of your site or the quality of sites that link to yours.  


Pay Per Click is paid advertising based on specific keywords and appears on top of search results. Anyway, advertising campaigns are also optimized to strengthen results even if they are paid.


The number 1 goal of search engine marketing (SEM) is to rank on the first page of Google (since Google counts for 80% of online researches, we can consider Google as representative for search engines) on first position if possible. Why? Statistics have the straight explanation.


Here are the key differences between PPC and SEO:


Differences between PPC and SEO

So, which is the best approach?


  • Your Inbound Marketing strategy should rely on both organic search and paid advertising

  • PPC if correctly executed brings results quicker, but requires a higher budget

  • SEO ranking is more valuable in the long run, as it triggers high quality leads, but needs more time to be effective

  • Optimization of stellar content and high quality backlinking are imperative for ranking

The best approach would be, as a general idea to start first a SEO optimization campaign and use PPC ads to strengthen traffic and move to the next level.

Finally, these are different tactics to reach your goals, they can be used separately or in combination, depending on your current parameters like budget, timeframe, and your goals.


The Best Is To Take Advantage of Their Synergy.