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In our visual era, we all marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs are chasing for high quality photography to accompany our content marketing. Searching for stylish, elegant stock photos that tell a story is most often a chore.


Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using one of these links, I’ll make a small commission without impacting the price that you will pay. I recommend just services or products I find useful and that I have tested or currently use.

Large stock photo sites like ShutterStock, Pixabay, Pexels or Dreamstime are universally known. And either they cost too much and for you that cost does not justify. Either everyone uses the free stock and if you want to stand out, using them is not exactly an option.


Shooting our own photos most often is not an option for the majority.


Finding elegant imagery that fits your brand and do not lead you to bankruptcy before even starting is quite a struggle.


So, what do we do if we want beautiful photos?



There are quite many small, niche sites that offer great stylish photos, most of them provide some free bundle photos and have subscriptions from which to choose.


I hand-picked some of the best feminine, styled, dazzling stock photos available online. Here is a list that I am very sure you will find very interesting and useful:



1.   StyledStockSociety

Source:  StyledStockSociety


Elle Drouin’s style and elegance are more than obvious in her visuals. A sharp aesthetics sense that you will appreciate for sure. I have to confess that I am a great fan of her posh images.

If you sign up to her email list you get instant access to 10 free photos plus monthly free bundles to download.





2.      Styled Stock



A free collection of feminine photos. A small treasure counting some hundred items, a collection of beautiful images. Totally free!! Pleasantly surprised to see that. Browse the library and for sure you will find photos to fit your taste and brand.




styled stock  photography free

3.       Haute Stock 


Lady boss in action! Styled and chic stock library that includes lifestyle images, social media premade quotes, styled desktop images, mockups, exclusive graphics and seasonal visuals.

Rachel, as stylist and photographer obsessed with brand and beauty aims to give a hand to women entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

Sign-up for regular free images.


4.       SC Stockshop

Feminine stock photos


A comprehensive library with several collections among which desktop, stationery, screens, beauty, florals, frames, etc. You have the possibility to sort upon your brand color or preferred color.

You get instantly 20 photos when you subscribe and on different occasions, like Valentine’s Day or Christmas other free bundles.


5.   Creative Convex

Styled stock library


Creative Convex  is an interesting collection of minimalist and customizable images. Browse here the CC collections and those of mockups

You get instant access to 20 free styled photos.



6. Boss Latina

Free girly stock photos


As Yami says from the start “Posh stock for the Lady Boss” and it’s exactly that, lovely, posh and lavish photography. Here you can find chic feminine stock, mockups, social media formatted images, seasonal visuals and hex codes. A complex library from where you can choose what fits your needs.

You receive 10 free images pack when signing to the email list and more each month.



Styled stock photography free for use

7.   She Bold Life


Colorful, bold, shining and outstanding photos. A world in a photo! Jasmine does a great job with the visual she creates.

Some tens of bundles to pick from: Lifestyle Stock Photo Bundle (Minimalist), 25 Motivational Social Media Quote Package, Pink and White desktop bundle, etc.

Grab 100 free style photos when subscribing. Very nice!!! And more over, every other month you get new free images.






Haute stock styled photography

8.   Ivory Mix


Kayla does a tremendous job with her glamorous photography, you can access immediately a free collection of over 300 styled images

There is a wide variety of images, girly, chic and delightful shots for various niches. Just pick the ones that suit yours.

Ivory Mix scores more than 1600 elite stock, that you can access entirely via various membership options  or by selective bundles.


Free girly haute stock

9.   Twiggy Posts


A photographer with a sharp sense of elegance, Jana from Twiggy Posts creates splendid photos that any brand would want to have. There is a good selection of some tens of bundles, individual photos and customized images for tailored needs.

You can get 5 free style images, if you sign up for her mail list.




10.   Shafaq Omair

Great styled photos


Bright, colorful, bold and elegant photography from designer Shafaq. Her visuals are a combination of sparkling purple, pink, yellow or black and create high impact on the viewer.

When signing up for her list, you will get access to some tens of free images. Also, you will receive every two weeks new freebies.




11.    Kreanille Design

Mockups and stylish stock photos


Annamari, a creative brand stylist has a plethora of bundles and mockups for fempreneurs. Her collection is impressive, and I find it very elegant. It’s one of my personal favorites.

Browse among the Black and White, Turquoise, Coffee and Roses, Pink and Gold bundles with mockups included.

You can get 10 free images pack, if you subscribe to her list.



12.   Pixistock


I simply felt in love with Alicia’s photos. A true demonstration of elegance and finesse.

She has monthly free giveaway, so don’t hesitate to join her list. Also, the photos have individual prices, if you just want one or memberships that gives you access to a library of over 600 images.


 13.    Hello You Designs



You may find here a handful of gracious free images on the freebie gallery, after you sign up for the mailing list. These are designer quality photos, elegant and aesthetic.  

Free stock items are added regularly. So, keep an eye on.



14.    White Hart Design Co

White Hart Design Co - Styles photos


A collection of stock bundles and mock-ups to die for. Brilliant pure and simple! Even if there is no freebie offer I simply cannot abstain myself and I included it in this list. It’s among the best.

My top favorites are: Peonies stock photo Bundle, The White Floral Bundle and The New Frame Mock Up Bundle




15.    Studio Chic Designs


A reliable source of styled desktop images is available. This site does not offer freebies, but might be a good option if you need elegant, minimalist stock for your paid offers or clients.





16.    Her Creative Studio


Created to help creative entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd, Her Creative Studio has an elegant offer, with a couple of subscription options.  Their library enriches periodically.

And you receive monthly a free styled item if you subscribe to the mail.




17.     Made by Kasia



Even more styled bundles and packages with the glamorous Kasia. Another outstanding option to grab designer quality stock.

Her Etsy shop looks great and offers several hundred items.

She offers 5 free photos as freebie and others regularly via email.




18.    Carmen Creative


A creative stylist offers splendid branding bundles and custom style stock ideal for pretentious girlboss, creative business or entrepreneurs.

Subscribe to the newsletter and you will have access to free stock and other monthly freebies.



19.    Jenna Redfield



This is new discovery for me, but I am greatly impressed by the scrolling mockups. They are very attention grabbing. Jenna’s stock and mockups are the pure definition of elegance. Take your visuals to the next level.

You may choose from some tens of images, bundles, mockups  and scrolling mockups.


20.     Envato Elements

Envato mockups.jpg


My personal favorite for mockups and infographics. And even if it doesn’t exactly belong to this list I will not refrain to insert it. 😊

It is not free, but worth give them a try if you want gorgeous unique visuals for your site, courses or stylish content upgrades.


Well, that's all.

I hope you will find this list helpful. And that it will save you some time while searching for new elegant and chic photos.


The Best Handpicked Sources for Great Styled Photos