How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Soar Your Traffic

How To Use Tailwind Tribes to Soar Your Traffic

Over the years, Pinterest has evolved and has became the secret weapon with magical power to increase traffic for many bloggers. Pinterest is currently the sweet spot of marketing strategies to drive organic traffic to a site or blog. It is a traffic source that continuously grows over time by leaps and bounds.  In this matter, Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes have a heavy word to say.

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Tailwind does not need any presentation anymore, it is the go-to tool for steady traffic growth from Pinterest and often you can observe a phenomenal traffic skyrocket. It helps you schedule your pins to boards and group boards consistently at optimal times of the day, minimizing the time spent on this task.

This accredited tool by Pinterest makes it easier to schedule pins and re-pins efficiently throughout a day, a week and even a month. Besides this, you have access to your account analytics, promotion and curation features.


You can test Tailwind and schedule for free 100 pins in your own rhythm. Sign-up for free here, if you haven’t tested Tailwind until now.

Following the free trial period if you found advantageous to use Tailwind further you have to purchase the plan that best fits your needs.  It costs $120 annually or $15 monthly.


I know I bought it and I do not regret, Tailwind saves me a good bunch of time with scheduling on Pinterest. And even if there are bloggers that have been experiencing high success using only manual pinning, like Carly from Mommy on Purpose, I consider using Tailwind a must to save time. It also makes a huge difference in traffic from the moment you start using it consistently.


Here is proof:

Tailwind traffic increase


Quick Guide to Join Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind has several tabs that may seem discouraging at a first sight. The secret is to start with the 2 most important tabs, the ones that you will use most frequently. These are the publish/schedule tab and the draft tab.

The following steps will help you get started:

1.       Join Tailwind application and sign up with your Pinterest account.

2.       Install Tailwind extension for your browser (huge time saver)

3.       Generate your custom schedule. Go to left side bar Menu, Your schedule and Generate smart schedule.

4.       Once the extension is set up and the schedule generated, open your Pinterest account and select a pin to share.

5.       Click over the pin and identify the blue Tailwind logo. This is the scheduling button. Click on it and a window will be opened.

6.       From the window, you select the date and times to share, boards or tribes to be shared with.

7.       After filling the slots, get back to the Tailwind dashboard, open the Publish tab to view and monitor the scheduled pins.


Tailwind Tribes for Bloggers

The most powerful feature of Tailwind is Tailwind Tribes.

The Tribes are a place that you can share and discover Pinterest content. A tribe is made up of people who share interests in similar niches. Tribes ensure your content is seen by the right people. It also ensures you have a sturdy supply of good quality content to share with others.

They are like the Pinterest Group Boards, but with an accountability build in function. You can access pins submitted by any tribe member. Other bloggers help you promote yourself reaching a bigger and wider audience.

Tailwind tribes dashboard


It is a feature within Tailwind that is free to join. The “Add to Tribe” button found on the Tailwind browser extension, Published posts page or the Pin Inspector is used to add your content to a tribe of your interest.

The free version of Tailwind Tribes gives you access to 5 tribes with a guarantee of 30 shared content posts on a monthly basis. Tailwind Tribes pricing is affordable, you can add Tribe PowerUps starting with $5 monthly, so, you may access more tribes.  


Among the plethora of changes announced by Pinterest this year is also the one regarding the group boards. Pinterest will downgrade group boards in searches to discourage the way they are used currently, meaning for promotion and not collaboration.

So, which will be the future of group boards, remains to see, even if I consider they will still be useful, particularly for their large number of followers. If I am wrong or right, the future will tell. Until than we have a viable alternative in Tailwind Tribes.


How to Use Tailwind Tribes for Business or Blogging?


1.       Find your Tribe

The ‘Find a Tribe’ feature on Tailwind Tribes helps you identify tribes to join by using keywords, tags and categories. You can also reach out to your favorite online communities (Facebook groups for example) and check who has a Tailwind tribe in your niche.

You have also the possibility to create your own tribe.  To create a tribe, come up with a name and rules for your tribe. Then simply invite people or share the link to the tribe among your online communities or in your blog posts.


2.       Carry out a review of the “Tribe Rules”

Each tribe has his own rules which can be found on the left side on the tribe window. Most of them are easy to understand and easy to follow. For example: Pin quality images, have descriptions accompanying an image, and only post the specific niche content etc.

Tailwind tribes rules


3.       Installation of a Tailwind browser extension

Even if you don’t have a Tailwind subscription, you still can access Tailwind tribes for free, so you need the browser extension. This makes scheduling pins and sharing posts a breeze. Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers have a free Tailwind extension. When you have installed the app, the extension icon is visible.

Tailwind broswer extention


4.       Share blog posts with your Tribes

From your blog site, you click on the Tailwind browser extension, on the open window, hover on the selected image to pin on your post and click the schedule button that appears. Then you can schedule date and time to share. To avoid sharing duplicate items, a warning red triangle that signifies caution will pop up.


5.       Find and share content from the Tribe

For you to grow and increase traffic to your site, you need to share content from the tribe almost as much as you add new content.  This way, your pins have a chance of getting more re-pins helping them rank high in the Pinterest algorithm. The outcome will be more clicks directed to your blog hence higher traffic.


6.       Review the results

Always carry out a tailwind tribes review to monitor growth in traffic. You are able to check if anyone else from the tribe has shared your pinned content on their Pinterest Boards. You get to analyze your re-shares and re-pins to know the extension of your content’s reach.


For more tips to master Tailwind Tribes watch the video made by its creators:


Maximize Tailwind Tribes Benefits

·       Join tribes that are niche specific and if you realize there is a gap, create a tribe that is more suited to a specific niche.

·       Get familiar with content from other members

·       Join quality group boards and share content from your tribe in these boards

·       Add top-notch pins to your tribe for other members to share

·       Always share specific niche content and observe all rules associated with your tribe

·       Review and check your Google Analytics to observe your traffic flow

·       Engage yourself in few tribes and carry out an evaluation to know their results

·       Be ready to leave tribes that do not drive traffic to your site


List of Tailwind Tribes That You Might Find Useful

The definition of successful tribes has several variations. Some tribes are small in size but count on very powerful influencers who share interests in the same niche. Others are massive tribes with numerous members who share content hence increasing number of re-shares and re-pins.

Collaborating and working together is what makes a tribe successful.

Below is a list of successful Tailwind Tribes that guarantee increase in traffic and the best part is that’s it is all for free (well, once you have paid for the PowerUps to access a higher number of Tribes).


1.       Blogging Resources

This tribe is resourceful in pinning relevant content on blogging topics from trustworthy sources. Has over 672 members and a potential impression of over 238 million.


2.       Bloggers Killing It In Pinterest

This is a tribe for bloggers who use vertical pins, quality photography, clear words and well-designed images to support each other. Has over 2500 members and over 508 million potential impressions on Pinterest.


3.       Creative Biz Haven Community Tribe

This is a business owner’s tribe through which they can share helpful posts, tech tools and creative ideas. It has over 260 members with a potential impression of 78 Million.


4.       Bloggers and Creative Infopreneurs

This is a tribe based on valuable blogging content, infopreneurship and any issue related to creative online businesses. It has over 1,500 members with potential impression of over 425 Million.


5.       Internet Marketing Super Friends

This is a tribe that is focused on marketing and driving traffic to your site. It has posts that focus on content marketing, copywriting, traffic building, entrepreneurial skills, etc. and over 380 members.


6.       Blogging Tips

This is a tribe that focusses on affiliate marketing, social media, blogging tips, etc. The group has 285 members who have the capacity to make over 107 Million impressions.


7.       Bloggers Chalkboard

The tribe specializes in everything that adds value to a blogger. Be it monetization tips, social media tips, email listing tips, etc. it has 936 members with potential of making more than 595 Million impressions.


8.       Small Business

This is a tribe that is mainly focused on the small businesses growth tips. It has over 1300 members who have a potential of getting up to 544 Million impressions on Pinterest.


9.       Pinterest Friends

This tribe focusses on Pinterest ways that will help you grow as blogger, grow your business. You’ll find here tips on how to fully maximize on group boards. It is a huge tribe with over 3,700 members and 1,2 billion impressions potential.


10.    Affiliate and Sponsored Pins

A tribe that allows and has as purpose promoting affiliate and sponsored pins. Has over 110 members and over 7.5 million potential impressions on Pinterest.


11.   Team Work Pinning Tribe

This is a blog targeted to women who are keen to promoting each other’s work and are team players. It has 687 members and a potential of impressions of 375 million.


12.   The Millennial Life

This tribe focusses on all things that help develop a millennials’ life from personal development, side hustles, business development, networking, investing, lifestyle design, future planning, personal finance etc. The tribe has over 675 members and 179 million impressions potential.


13.   HerPaperRoute Tribe

This is a tribe that welcomes all niches. If you have awesome, credible and relevant content, you are welcome. It has only one rule so it’s easy to follow and grow. HerPaperRoute Tribe as currently 1450 members and a potential of impressions of over 296 million.


14.   Viral Craft Pins 1000 Repins+

Viral craft pins 1000 repins+ has already a number of 196 members, and 323 million potential impressions on Pinterest! It displays a collection of the best pins, viral pins with over 1000 repins.


15.   Business Bloggers Share the Love

This tribe has about 70 members and a number of potential impressions 10 million! All business topics are welcome to publish: marketing, blogging, making money from home, etc


16.   Business Blogging Tips- Promote Your Blog

Tribe has about 1,339 members and 190 million potential impressions on the platform! Gathers quality pins related to business tips, income reports, growing and promoting blogs, etc


17.   Bloggers Unite Tribe

 Bloggers Unite Tribe has a steady number of 2,079 members and reaches over 553 million potential impressions on Pinterest! A "all niches welcomed" tribe to share great content and support reciprocal growth.


18.   Blogging & Entrepreneurship | Blogging Butterfly

The tribe has 420 members and about 259 million potential impressions. Collects pins about blogging, entrepreneurship, social media, marketing, building your own business, working from home, side hustles.


19.   Best Bloggers Pins

Best Bloggers Pins counts 735 members and has an impressions potential of about 355 million! Its purpose is help blogger with their promotion.


20.  Profitable Blogging Tips  

The tribe is proud to gather 778 members and 240 million potential impressions on Pinterest. All pins related to blogging  - blogging tips, blog productivity, blog income reports, blog monetization, etc. are welcomed.


21.   Striving Bloggers

Striving Bloggers enjoys the presence of 1,308 members and offers an impressions potential of 528 million! Gathers all bloggers fighting for their success.


Tailwind tribes will help any blogger build trusted relationships with a very receptive and wide audience. You get to connect to the power of collaborative marketing. Growth in traffic has a tremendous ally in Tribes. It is a simple yet powerful, reliable yet still secure and it is made for teamwork. Give it a try, you will not regret!

How to Use Tailwind Tribes to increase Your Traffic