Amazing facts that occur on the web in 1 minute?

An ingenious presentation which shows the proliferation of online social media channels and proves that human interaction has moved widely online.

Excellent and elegant graphics, thanks SmartInsignts!


Here are some interesting facts for 2017:

-          3,8 million searches are made every 60 seconds on Google

-          3,3 million posts appear per minute on Facebook

-          149,513 mails are sent within the interval

-          500 h of video content are uploaded each minute on YouTube

-          29 million messages crossover WhatsApp in 60 seconds

-          1440 WordPress posts are published and brought to life in one minute

-          448,800 tweets are exchanged on Twitter

-          65,972 photos uploaded on Instagram in as little as 60 seconds.


Well, that’s quite impressive. And most probably the best is about to follow. We haven’t seen too much yet!

What happens in 60 seconds infographic.jpg
Lorraine Pavel