On-Page SEO Best Practices Checklist

The aim of this infographic was to present a visually interesting checklist for on-page SEO best practices:

So, after finishing your post take a quick look and verify if you haven’t skip any detail.

·       Create High Quality Content  - 1000 + words length

·       Insert Visual Elements – videos, charts, engaging images

·       Title

          -      Maximum 60 characters

          -      Insert keyword once

          -      Make it engaging and attention grabbing

          -      Insert modifiers “guide”, “best”

          -      Assign H1 tag

·       Keywords

          -     Insert in the first 100 words

          -     Insert where appropriate in body content

          -     Use LSI keywords – synonyms, related words

          -      Insert in URL

          -      Insert in H2

·       Optimize images

          -      Include target keyword in image file name

          -      Include target keyword in Alt Text

          -      Compress images

·       Insert Outbound Links

          -      Link to high authority sites

          -      Use keywords anchor text

·       Insert Inbound Links

         -       Drop 2-4 links to other posts on your site

         -       Use keywords as anchor text

·       URL – SEO friendly

         -       As short as possible

         -       Relevant

         -       Insert keywords in first 3-5 words

·       Site

         -       Improve loading speed

         -       Avoid broken links

        -        Avoid HTML errors

·       Insert Social Sharing Buttons


I hope you will find this checklist useful!

On page SEO infographic.jpg
Lorraine Pavel