Tips and tools for creating great infographics

You will find bellow the list of the elements of a good infographic and the associated tips:

Define the target audience for your infographic


* Target your buyer persona


Define the topic of your infographic


*  Define the story style of your infographic – funny, serious, surprising, exploratory  

*  Keep only the relevant information and data

*  Insert storytelling to evoke emotions


The power is hidden in the headline


*  Clearly describes the subject of the infographic

*  Is interesting and eye catching

Under 70 characters length and easy to understand


Match an appropriate infographic template


If you are a beginner, check the theory first

*  The design of the picked template has to match the story


Gather and verify the data accuracy


*  Use authoritative, reliable and up to date sources

*  Present the numbers and data in an organized way

*  Check statistics on various sources


Aim for simplicity


*  Use straightforward, short sentences or bullet points

*  Highlight the important points, make it skimmable

*  Use only the most relevant data


Aim for visual


*  Infographic refers primarily to visual, keep it as such


Aim for legibility


*  Balance the visuals and the negative space to emphasize your message

*  Consider minimizing the number of fonts

*  Choose one color scheme


Aim for fluency


*   Watch out the fluency of the design and information


Consider interactivity


*   Insert scrolling effects

*   Insert roll-overs

*   Insert animations


Size and length matter


*   Limit the length to 8000 pixels maximum

*   Limit the width to 600 pixels

*   Limit total size to 1,5 MB


Insert sources


Promote and share your infographic


*     Insert social media buttons

*     Embed code to encourage sharing

*    Publish it on platforms specializing in infographics: Canva Social Stream,

*     Include partially your infographics in other posts published on social media

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Lorraine Pavel