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Or, maybe you struggle with that fascinating ebook you plan to write?

Or you need a catchy landing page – but you don’t know exactly how to do it.

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If you landed around here, most probably you are a creative entrepreneur, blogger or rockstar consultant passionate about your business and your customers.

You struggle to expand your reach and impact.

You want to grow to the next level, but you don’t know exactly how.

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The truth is, like many of you, I wasn’t a right away overnight success story in my early twenties. I had a dream and a passion and I was ready to conquer the world … like you.

My carrier path was a sort of roller coaster. I gathered early the hoard of white collars and tick several domains tourism, real estate, financial markets, translations, advertising, working for national leaders or SMEs. One of my dreams came true in my late twenties while becoming Sales & Marketing Director of a multinational company, managing multimillion euro marketing budgets.

But my deepest desire was different! I wanted something independent, on my own way. And suddenly from a media article the solution pop-up, it was 2013. The new endeavour was the content marketing. I started ghostwriting and translating for clients around the world, from websites content, to ebooks, email sequences, in depth articles and more.


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And the obvious conclusion is one: words matter. Proper words are a powerful weapon. Take full advantage of this and use a professional and skilled writer, try my services.


Some certifications:

* HubSpot Inbound Methodology

* HubSpot Content Marketing

* HubSpot Email Marketing

* MBA in Strategic Management

 Informative authoritative content, traffic and conversions for entrepreneurs

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