Best Off Page SEO Techniques for 2018 You Need to Profit on

Best off page SEO Techniques cover

That SEO is paramount for ranking in search engines and driving more traffic to your site, is not a secret for a long time now. The two-main areas of SEO are: on-page SEO and off page SEO.

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The present article will focus on off page SEO methods. First of all, let’s clarify what’s off-page SEO: all the techniques executed externally, outside your site, to boost rankings. Off-page SEO tools and tactics impact on the position your site gains in SERPs and include brand awareness, links and external sites relationships.



Here are the best off-page Search Engine Optimization techniques valid for 2018:



Obtain backlinks from authority sites


Most SEO experts agree that in terms of off page techniques, backlinking is the most prominent. Backlinks are impacting heavily on your rankings particularly if you want to appear on the first page of search results.




Search engines like Google will trust you just after many others will trust you. If sites with high authority will link back to your site, Google will consider your site more trustful.


These backlinks are very important in the algorithm used by Google to rank pages in a list of results for a certain query. This algorithm uses a series of criteria baptized Google Ranking Factors, which counts about 200 factors that are taken into consideration when deciding the hierarchy of sites when answering to a search query.


Some of the most impactful are:

Google SEO ranking factors


The more links from authority sites point to your site, the more value you gain in Google’s eyes. As it analyzes several aspects concerning the link: from which site comes the link? Which is its quality? Which is the logic of this connection? How fresh is it? Etc.


Ok, we get the importance of backlinks especially from renown sites. But, the $1million question is, how do we obtain these authoritative, relevant links?



Here are some ways:


Guest posting: Guest blogging is a reliable way to attract new links and traffic, even if some might consider it outdated. While contributing to other sites besides building links, you promote your brand building authority and acquire referral traffic.


When posting on other sites, take into consideration the following:


* Make a list with sites that accept guest posts, that are connected with your niche and you are interested in publishing on.

* To cover all opportunities, search in Google and on social media networks with “your target keyword” + ”guest post”

* Check each site from your list and verify which is most popular, which has the highest traffic and prioritize them in function of the results you obtain. Use a tool like, to help you.

* Use a social media analyzer  to verify the number of social media shares the latest posts from the respective site had. This will help you establish the potential shares your articles may achieve.

* Write a high-quality guest post.

* Remember not to insert too many links to your site.


This method involves a lot of homework, that’s obvious: you need to research your niche, find out which are the influencers and top bloggers, get in contact and send pitches. But, if your request is accepted, your article will be published and voila, you obtained a valued backlink.



Create high impact infographics. That human beings are visual creatures in general, is demonstrated and proved with numbers. We all, are more attracted by visually appealing content - “an image makes more than 1000 words” and statistics show this.


In this category infographics are still in top, even if they saw a fulminant growth in the recent years and some may consider this practice arrived at saturation. Great results for backlinks and traffic can still be achieved if great graphics, information and original idea are used.

Visual Content Statistics. Source:  SocialMediaToday

Visual Content Statistics. Source: SocialMediaToday


To help promote your infographics you should consider publishing them on infographics submission sites and link them to your blog or site.


Some of these sites are:








Infographics have high potential of going viral if properly made and intensively promoted. When your infographic is shared, organic traffic is directed towards your site. So, you made it, backlinks are generated.



 Broken link building. A more efficient method to acquire links may be identifying broken links on authority sites and get in contact to acknowledge this, offering in exchange a link of yours to replace it.


Broken links are all over Internet, and authoritative sites are no exception. This arrives because initial links change, hosting expires, or links are damaged during migration processes. Having broken links on your site does not impact on ranking, but affects user experience and you want to avoid that. Authoritative sites are aware of that too, and that’s why this technique is relevant and works.


Thus, make a backlink analysis on relevant sites for your niche, identify broken links, contact the owner and inform him about those dead links and propose a replacement link, preferably yours. Chances are that your effort is paid back with a backlink.



Leverage Your Social Media


Off Page optimization finds a massive pillar on social shares. Check below how this happens.

Social Media supports off-page SEO. Source:

Social Media supports off-page SEO. Source:

Using social media helps you meet your target audience, know her better, find out which are her pain points, where is she hanging out and when.  


Increase Engagement on Social Media

Engaging on social media platforms is a primary Off-page SEO technique that will have a major impact on your site’s visibility and popularity. Being present and involving in social conversations on multiple platforms will expand your reach and help grow your business.


Off page optimisation checklist.jpg


Leverage Question and Answer Sites


Another way to boost your site visibility through off page SEO techniques, is to use question and answer sites like Quora.


Search and join questions associated with your business or niche and provide pertinent answers to these questions. Offer a link to your website to help you gain visibility.  


A good selection of question and answer sites is:






Some specialists consider that if you don’t use Quora, for example, you do not use the full potential and you are missing points on your SEO efforts. Quora is a platform where you can obtain pertinent answers to any question you may have.


For brand awareness, link building or for a certain marketing campaign, Quora is a not to be missed place.



How can Quora as off-page SEO tactic serve your purposes? Note some advantages:


-       Allows you to prove your expertise: Answers you provide on Quora should relate to your business and reveal your expertise in the mentioned area. If you gain readers’ trust they will turn to you with further questions they might have.

-       Answers appear in Google results: If people upvote your answer, it will display in Google as answer to the respective question.

-       Boosts your traffic: Your answers can generate traffic in the long run.

-       Enhances your knowledge: You can find out and learn tips and tricks for your business from other experts.



Create Video Content


You may wander what’s the connection? What has video content to do with off page SEO? Well, video search engines like YouTube, can drive massive traffic, in fact YouTube is the 2nd ranked search engine after Google. So, links obtained via videos published on YouTube are valuable for your off-page optimization and drive traffic to your site.


Video content is the rising star of marketing, do you know that 43% of users are interested in seeing more content? And 51,9% of marketers consider video has the best ROI among all types of content? Not to mention that YouTube can bring high earnings if the needed effort is input.

Create video content and publish on YouTube


When publishing video content, aim for high quality, aim for differentiation how are you distinct of others, what makes you unique. Gaining awareness on YouTube takes time, up to two years so be patient and consequent.



Network with Experts and Influencers in Your Niche


Building relationships with other bloggers in your industry, prominent authors and influencers is another great way to support your off-page optimization efforts and create brand awareness. Linking with professionals in the same vertical will increase your credibility in front of readers and search engines alike.


Collaborating with niche authors to create and exchange content and interviews gives you the possibility to have access to new high-quality content assets and to new audiences. Entertaining relationships and collaborations with experts in your area allow you to access a particular market segment and new opportunities of partnerships.



Pay Attention to Google Penalties


We already established that backlinks are extremely important for your site ranking. Hence in some cases backlinks may have a negative influence.

Graphic Representation of Factors Influence on Google Algorithm


That’s why is compulsory to stay away from Google penalties, because recovering takes time, money, efforts and besides that is a very difficult process.


Nowadays Google aims for valuable content and high-quality user experience. The focus is not directed any-more to the words people use for a search, but to the scope they use those words for.


There is no established procedure that guarantee you are out of the penalties radar, but there are some actions you can take to avoid such issue:


·       Analyze and audit your site. Use a tool like SEMrush to identify and solve SEO related problems.

·       Create valuable and useful content for your readers. Put your users first and write for them, insert images, videos, graphics, data in your posts. Provide value and a great user experience for your audience.

·       Apply different anchor texts. After performing your backlinks audit and identifying the sources of your links, you should consider diversifying your keyword phrases. This is a way to show Google your links are natural. So, use various keywords, brand names and generic words as anchor text. Make sure your anchor texts are relevant to your topic and related to the referring page. Consider using your brand name as anchor as often as possible.



Search engine optimization is not a sprint, is a marathon. Endeavors made today for optimization will fructify step by step in the future, in a compound effect. To see results from off-page SEO takes time and constant improving efforts.

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