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 Mesmerizing Pins – Pinterest Templates

Simplify your design tasks and reduce with 80% the time you spend creating Pins for Pinterest!

Use these readymade templates in Canva and edit them as per your brand’s requirements.

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Pinterest is your primary source of traffic or among the most prominent?

You are perfectly aware that pins design makes or breaks the traffic you receive from Pinterest…

Creating beckoning pins is an absolute must and you just spend way too much time on it, and you simply hate that. You have so much on your plate!

You could hire help, but you cannot afford that in this moment.


And you need desperately a solution for that.

Like yesterday!


Well here it is:

Mesmerizing Pins – Pinterest Templates

A set of 8 pre-designed templates for Pinterest pins in Canva together with a set of 30 professional photos to fill them. The two principal ingredients that require the most of your time when creating Pins.

You just pick a layout, the photos and fill in the title of your blog post, and you are done in 5 minutes or less!

Templates are a great starting point even if your design skills are second to none.

You don’t need experience with graphic design, Canva is a very simple and user-friendly tool.

A significant shortcut for bloggers and small business owners to attract new traffic for their site, new leads and welcome new subscribers with the help of these designed for profit templates.



What’s in It for You?

Once you acquire Mesmerizing Pins – Pinterest Templates, you will receive right way:

&      Eight pre-designed Pinterest templates ready to edit according to your preferences in Canva. Check them bellow:

Create pin for Pinterest
Pinterest Template  Canva
Pinterest Template  Canva
Pinterest Templates - Mesmerizing pins cover 2-min.jpg
Create pins for Pinterest
Pinterest Template design
Pinterest banner Templates
Pinterest banner
Pinterest Template ideas

 & A set of 30 professional photos ready to use inside the templates

& PDF tutorial that shows you how to handle and edit the templates

 Want to Craft Yourself Beaconing Pins in under 5 Minutes?

 Grasp the templates now and transform pins creation in a breeze!


How It Works: A Simple Process in 4 Steps

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1. Purchase Mesmerizing Pins - Pinterest Templates

Mesmerizing Pins Pinterest Templates 1.jpg

2. Get instantly the link of templates in Canva

Mesmerizing Pins Pinterest Templates 1.jpg

3. Read the tutorial that explains how to use the templates

Mesmerizing Pins Pinterest Templates 1.jpg

4. Create your own copy of the templates and start editing them



Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to use Canva. Are these templates for me?

Yes, they are. Canva is a very user friendly free graphic design tool that anyone can manage without much hassle. Once you buy the templates you receive a written tutorial that shows you step by step how to use them. 

How will I get my product?
In a few minutes after you pay for the product, you will receive in your inbox a link to access the Canva templates, a link for the photos and the PDF tutorial that shows you how to use them.

What if I do not like the product after I buy it?

Because this is a low-price product, the sales are definitive and not refundable. Should questions rise feel free to contact us at before the purchase.

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